Below is a list of ISRC Managers appointed by the US ISRC Agency. Only these companies are approved to assign ISRCs on behalf of the owner of a recording. These companies have guaranteed that they will abide by the Procedures for Assignment of ISRCs by ISRC Managers.(Procedures for Assignment of ISRCs by ISRC Managers)

Other companies claiming to assign ISRCs on behalf of their clients are not authorized to do so and the ISRC's they generate are invalid and risk collisions with codes issued by authorized registrants and ISRC Managers.

If you wish to become an ISRC Manager, please send us an email at



2Track Mastering

A To Z Media

Absolute Imperial Vibe Productions LLC

AfterMaster Inc.

Airian Cook Enterprises LLC

Alchemical Records

Allen K Matthews Jr

Amusement Park Recording Studio

Aries Music LLC

Artist System

AVL Digital Group, INC

Baseline Audio Labs

Bayona Mastering

Beagle Studios

Beat Suite Studios


Bellasonic Productions LLC

Bespeak Entertainment Publishing

Big Country Publishing, LLC

Bill Hare Productions

Black 17 Media, LLC

Cade Michaels Management

Castle Hill Studios

CD Baby


Clear Sound Studios


Collab, LLC

Consonance Productions

Creative Entertainment Network

Crooked Cove Records LLC

Cue Recording Ltd

Cultures of Soul Records

DBS Studios LLC

Deformati Media Inc

Digital Force

Digital Music Marketing

Dog Soldier Press

Dolo Money Gang

Dubset Media Holdings, Inc

E.B.A. Executives, Inc.

eMinor Incorporated



Evil Ways Muzik

Father/Daughter Records

Forj Digital, Inc.

Forte Studios

Fox Fuse

FreeBreak Music, Inc.

Fullscreen Media

Garey Shelton Productions

Georgetown Masters Audio LLC

Global Eyes Entertainment, LP

Go Time Records / Kent Wells Productions

Gutten Boy Music

Halenga LLC

Hatchery 17, LLC

Hausu Mountain

Higher Ground Studios

Howlin' Dog Records

HyperThreat Sound LLC


Ijus Recording Studio

Independent Mastering

Indiestreem LLC


Innervoice Media

Innovadiv LLC

Island Jams Inc.

ISRC Music Codes - Simply Barcodes

Joshua Kessler / Kessler Mastering

Keith Music Group, Inc. (KMG MUSIC)

Kim Copeland Productions

La Cupula Music SL

La Oreja Media Group Inc.

La Rubia Productions, Inc.

LH7 Management


Liquid Audio

Mainstream Source

Major Blazes' Work

Mark Fuller

Marvment LLC

Master Key Empire Media

Masterdisk / Scott Hull Mastering, Inc.

McDonough Management

Medical Records LLC

Meow Music

Mercy Music Inc.

Michael White Productions, Inc.

Miles Fulwider

Mini Hobby ATL, Inc.

Mixtown USA

Mostro Digital, LLC

Music Embassies

Mystery Room Mastering

N2N Productions

National Media Services, Inc.

Nationwide Disc

Naxos of Amerca

Nimbit Inc.

OMKT Disc Services


Patchwerk Recording Studios

Play-It Productions, Inc.

Positioned For Millions

Pyramid Recording Studio

Red Caiman Media Inc.

Reservoir Music Company, Inc.

Revelator Enterprises, LLC

Rhythm Shack Studio

Risen River Recording

Root Cellar Music Studio

Rosewood Studios

Royal Heir Entertainment

S5 Audio

ShadowCast Productions & Talent Studios

Some Music Group

SongCast, Inc.


Sonic Valley Records

SoundCloud Ltd

Sound of Birmingham

SourceAudio Holdings LLC

Spotted Dog Entertainment

SSA Music, Inc.

Stem Disintermedia, Inc.

Stickface Production

Storybook Sound

StreamCut Media, LLC

Strickland Musik Group LLC

Studio 101A


Symphony of Soul

Tanglewood Productions

TelStar Productions

The Aerie Studio

The Disc Ltd.

The Fuel Music & Management

The Music Consultancy

The Orchard

The Record Pool

TnT General Production

Tony Grey Studio

Trade Root Music Group, LLC


TuneRegistry, LLC

Unit-e Global, L.C.

Vertusent Music Group LLC

Video Viral Inc.

Vstaticmedia, LLC

Wave Mastering

Wolf Productions

Wynnesong Records


Yonder Music, Inc.

Zinc Media


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